IMG_20151208_171327Hi. I’m Lauren. 🙂

When I was in 1st grade, I was given an Illustory book kit – a “toy” that let you create your own children’s picture book.

I took my finished product to school for show-and-tell. It was about a horse that was afraid to jump over a creek (a book that I had very creatively titled, The Horse That Was Afraid to Jump) and my classmates loved it.

I continued to write short stories and create picture books throughout myelementary school days. I was hooked.

In 7th grade, drama class inspired me to write my own play.

Then, in 8th grade, I kicked it up a notch and wrote what was technically my first novel–a 109-page sci-fi horror story that starred myself and my friends as the main characters.

Throughout high school I continued to write short stories and poems. Three of my short stories were selected as “Story of the Month” in the now-defunctTeen magazine.

It was during high school that I began writing and editing for pay as a side job/hobby.

In my senior year of high school I joined the staff of the school’s newspaper — the Clark Chronicle – as head writer.

I also wrote three novellas that year: Two detective mysteries ala Nancy Drew and one gothic romance. The detective novellas became a part of my Senior Project, which was partially on self-publishing.

After graduating high school in 2003, I wrote two screenplays. One was a teen romantic comedy that garnered some interest. The other was an admittedly terrible slasher flick.

In 2006 I took on my first reporting job since high school… A gig with The Pulse, the official magazine of San Diego Comic Con. I got to hobnob with artists, writers, and publishers in the comic book & entertainment industry. And I did some of it in costume!As my teen years ended and I entered my early twenties I continued to submit my short stories and poetry to publishers.

WritingAwardsLZWI continued to write as a side job and a hobby until 2010 when I finally decided to open up my own writing business: LittleZotz Writing. (Now a multiple award-winning website for writers!).

Through LittleZotz Writing I have worked as a writer & marketer for a television mini-series, an online radio network, a designer headphone company, and a number of small business owners around the world!

I’m also the Managing Editor and Community Manager for Be A Freelance Blogger, a resident expert/”queen” for the Freelance Writer’s Academy’s “Kingdom of Paidalot,” and the Editorial Assistant for Copyblogger.

I’ve been a guest on podcasts & radio shows, I’ve done interviews for newspapers & blogs, I’ve taught online webinars, and I’ve spoken at several schools.

In short: I’m a writer.

I’m also a human being with OCD, Major Depression, and General Anxiety. I have two cats (Robert & Ringo), I love to read, and I share a lot of pictures of my press-on nails.

Welcome to!