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I’ve mentioned on a few of my social media accounts that I’ve been having some skin troubles recently. You see, I have rosacea with cystic acne, and it flares up really badly in the winter time. And this winter has been especially bad for my face.

I developed a large cyst on my jawline about four months ago, which grew humongous to the point it was pressing on a nerve from the inside (causing me pain down to my chin and up to my ear!). I went to a doctor for it today.

I’m happy to report that the doctor was wonderful and did a fantastic job. My cyst was drained (gross) and I was given a long run of antibiotics. I was also given Metrogel for my rosacea.

I’d had Metrogel in the past and it worked wonders on my skin; however, my insurance stopped covering it because they deemed it a “vanity” product — and I couldn’t afford to buy it without the insurance’s help, so I had to go without.

When I told the doctor about this, she was livid. She called up the insurance company herself and advocated for them to cover it for me, stating that my rosacea is REALLY bad and that the medication wasn’t just for “beauty” purposes, that it’s a necessity. And they relented! I was so happy. And I can’t thank that doctor enough for going above and beyond on my behalf.

So how bad is my skin, exactly?

Well, I wear makeup in most selfies, so it’s probably not TOO noticeable to most of you (I hope!). Perhaps you can see some little lumps under my foundation, but I look otherwise “normal.” Well, I’m going to share a non-makeup selfie with you now:

That was taken last month. My face is even worse now.

And yet, here’s me earlier this week with makeup:

If there’s one good thing I can say about the mess my face has become over the last couple of years, it’s that it’s really upped my makeup game!

I use mostly Maybelline and Be a Bombshell Cosmetics to cover all that redness on my face. Yep. Just cheap “drugstore” brand cosmetics. They really do the trick!

I know a lot of lady folks who get guff for wearing makeup and I think that’s just silly. Makeup is a wonderful thing. It can enhance your beauty, if used well. And, for some women (like I am), it’s what makes us feel remotely HUMAN again. I find my non-makeup face horrifying — at least for now — and I find cosmetics a true blessing.

I’m looking forward to clear (skin) days ahead!

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  1. Hey Lauren, I’m so glad the medicine is covered in your insurance again.

    I’ve had acne since I was 14 and while the pimples would go away they’d leave dark brown marks that wouldn’t go away. It killed my self-esteem. The day I discovered makeup was the day my life changed.

    I could cover those fugly marks, go out and look good! You’re well aware of my obsession with makeup.

    Anyone who disparages my love for makeup immediately stops being taken seriously by me. Walk in my shoes, feel what I felt, hear the mean comments I did, get rejected by guys and girls for not being pretty enough to even hang out with them then come talk to me about makeup being vain.

    Looking forward to seeing your skin get clear and your smile get brighter 🙂

    • You’re definitely one of my makeup icons/role models, Samar! <3 I'll never forget how you encouraged me to try out new colors. haha. I used to just wear brown eyeshadows and neutral-looking lipstick for YEARS, but now I have multiple colors of eyeshadows and some lipsticks that really POP and I'm having so much fun! 😀

      Having skin issues is a horrible thing, and I completely understand. People treat me MUCH differently when I leave the house without my makeup on. They treat me like I'm diseased or something -- I've actually FRIGHTENED people with my face!! Talk about a self-esteem killer! I felt like a MONSTER!

      The other week, when I had my depression meds delivered to my house, the driver said "I hope what I'm delivering is for your FACE." I think he meant well, but it still hurt my feelings quite a bit. I mean, he arrived at 10pm and I was already washed up and in my pajamas lol. Not exactly at my most glamorous. But still! It made me tear up a little knowing that someone thought I was that ugly...

      Even after my face (hopefully!!) clears up, I'll still keep wearing makeup for FUN! But maybe now I can save a little money on coverup. 😉

  2. Thank you for sharing this personal side of your struggles, Lauren! I appreciate the fact that you are so open with what you are going through in your life. I hope your face continues to clear up since I know you must be in pain with the cysts.

    • My face has cleared up quite a bit! I’ve been having a very stressful month, so I’m having a flare-up right now, but hopefully that will subside soon 🙂

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