Hey, Everyone!

As some of you may already know, I’ve been having some problems with my health lately. Long story short: my stomach is effed. But I’m getting better.

I’ve seen several doctors as well as a nutritionist and, by way of medication and MAJOR diet changes, I’m on the mend. My stomach may never be “normal,” but I can at least live a life where I’m not throwing up each day and fearing that every meal I put into my body may send me into massive waves of pain. So hooray for that!

I took a week off from work to take care of myself — adjusting to my medications and my new diet — and I came back feeling refreshed. Though I was a bit shocked by how full my inboxes were upon my return! (Side note: If I haven’t replied to you yet, IĀ will get to you! I’m answering everyone in the order they arrived…).

I spent my time off sleeping mostly. But I also had some nice bonding experiences with family and close friends. And I learned a lot about myself. It was a time of reflection and meditation, for sure.

I also lost 10 pounds!

My new diet has been working wonders. Not only can I eat without throwing up (yay!), I’m quickly losing my extra flab. And I haven’t even started my exercise program yet!! (I start that this Thursday).

I’m very excited about the weight loss! I had been trying to lose weight for a while now, but I hit a plateau and ceased making any progress. It feels SO good to see my numbers going down again. I have high hopes that I’ll be under 300lbs before Christmas.

For those of you who are interested, I eat 1200 calories per day (with around 5% fat). NO red meat. Chicken (or eggs) maybe twice a week. Pretty much all vegetables. ONLY water to drink. Low carbs. No sugar, no chocolate, no caffeine, no spice, and no processed foods. (I tried to cheat the other day and eat some American cheese and I hurled! My stomach can’t handle it anymore).

I get to eat 1500 calories on days that I go to the gym and work out. I’m looking forward to that! When you’re watching your calories SUPER closely, you start to realize just how much 300 extra mean. I’m really looking forward to having that extra snack as a part of my workout days. I love food (which is part of how I became tubby in the first place lol), so that extra helping of carrots or whatever is going to mean a lot to me.

I also switched from vaping 6mg nicotine to 3mg. Nicotine relaxes your sphincter at the top of your stomach and can allow acid to escape. Since making the switch, I’ve had almost zero problems with random acid attacks. Not to mention my vape juices taste more “pure” — it was a win-win. šŸ™‚

Wigs, Wigs, Wigs!

In my last blog entry, I mentioned that a friend sent me a pink wig to wear because I hate my real hair right now (I got a tremendously terrible haircut). Since then, other friends and I have added to my wig collection.

I’ve been having a lot of fun playing with my looks lately. It’s amazing what changing your hair and makeup can do! Take a look at this transformation:

Pretty neat, huh? My friends keep saying that the wigs bring out different aspects of my personality, and I think they’re right. I choose my hair hats (wigs) according to my mood each day.

Here’s my collection of wigs thus far:

Which one do you like best? Personally, I like the red one (the last pic I posted) and the natural-looking brown one I put at the top of this post… They’re all a ton of fun though!

The past few weeks have been a period of me getting to know myself. It was sometimes frightening, but, in the end, I came out liking myself better than when I went in. šŸ™‚

Oh, and the 133T blog finally went live!! So if any of you have been curious about the company I work for now — and all the writing I’ve been doing for them — you can FINALLY check it out over at http://133t.com

133T is pretty much my dream job. I get to write about topics I know a ton about, the people are wonderful, and I indirectly get to help others. Not only does the 133T blog help readers, but 133T itself actively works to help the homeless and children. Actually… My boss can explain it better than I can. Check out his post ABOUT 133T for more details. <3

Thanks for sticking with me, and I’m answering my e-mails as quickly as I can!

Until next time,

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