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Last year, GlassesShop.com sent me some free eyeglasses in exchange for an HONEST review of their product. I happily did so, and you can read my first review (which includes a detailed description of the buying process) HERE.

Those of you with an attention to detail may have noticed that I’ve worn my lovely hot pink prescription eyeglasses from GlassesShop.com ever since. I loved them. And I recommend GlassesShop.com to anyone I know who’s looking for glasses online. I even recommended them to my own father! They’re great.

GlassesShop.com recently reached out to me AGAIN to write a second review of their glasses — since my first review was so awesome and brought them so much business — and I agreed. Their one request was that I bold their name whenever I mention it. Done and done!

My Review

As I already said, I love GlassesShop.com and they won me over after they sent me my first pair of glasses frames and prescription lenses last year. If you already know your prescription and are looking for CHEAP glasses, I highly recommend you visit their site.

GlassesShop.com is highly affordable and has amazing quality. They don’t have a TON of glasses frames to choose from; however, they’re constantly updating their styles. If you don’t see what you want one month, come back the next month and look again.

I STILL wear my rad hot pink glasses I got from them last year, and will continue to do so for as long as they last me. And now, I can mix things up with some fancypants blue frames as well.

Above, you can see the new glasses they sent me. They look exactly like they did in the picture online. They’re gorgeous.

Hot pink and light blue are my two favorite colors, and the colors that appear most often in my wardrobe. Thanks to GlassesShop.com, I can now color-coordinate my glasses with my outfits, no matter what I happen to be wearing.

Pics of My Face

Here are some pictures I took of me wearing my new blue glasses from GlassesShop.com:

I’m Also a Customer!

I may have gotten my two pairs of eyeglasses for free from GlassesShop.com, but I actually went back to them and BOUGHT myself a pair of prescription sunglasses.

As an editor, I sometimes get eyestrain from staring at my brightly-lit computer screen for hours at a time. So I invested in some sunglasses for myself from GlassesShop.com. The buying process was easy, and they let you control every aspect of what you’re ordering. I was able to choose not only the frames, but the color of the lenses and how dark I wanted them.

So, yeah… My “review” of GlassesShop.com is that they’re awesome and that I’ve bought a product from them myself — and will again, when needed. Highly recommended!

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