ringokunHey, Everyone!
I’m really tired and in a lot of pain today physically, but mentally and emotionally I’m happy and looking forward to having a good, productive day.

Yesterday I went to see ALL of my doctors.

My doctors are a few towns over, so it’s a two-hour drive to get there and a two-hour drive to get back. Poor Ramiro. (He drives me everywhere since I never learned to drive/get a license).

Luckily, my doctors all understand this, so they all schedule appointments with me for the same day — back-to-back — so that Ramiro and I don’t have to make too many trips/long drives.

But that means when I do go, it’s a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG day for me.

In addition to a four-hour drive (in full), I was at the doctors’ for five hours.

They did blood tests on me, checked my weight, and looked at my blood pressure.

Then I had to check in with my case worker and do a bunch of paperwork. (When you get committed to a hospital involuntarily, you get assigned a case worker to make sure you’re being sane and not hurting anyone/yourself).

Then I had to see my psychiatrist. And she decided it was time to change up my medications. She’s a firm believer in “the less medication the better” so she took away my nighttime meds. She said that I’ve made so much progress over the past two years that she believes I no longer need my “booster” pills that I take at night and will be fine with just my daily daytime meds. She thinks that this will also help me lose weight since some of the side-effects of my nighttime pill are weight gain and constant hunger (which makes me snack more).

I’m supposed to expect to have a really bad week this week as I go through withdrawl symptoms. She said to expect aches, pains, shaking, sweating, nausea, etc. But to just ride it out. Also: I’ll probably have trouble getting to sleep at first since my nighttime pills were also what would conk me out at bedtime. (I woke up today feeling every bone in my spine and they ALL hurt like crazy).

Then I spent a few hours with my therapist. I love my therapist. He’s such a cool dude. He was really excited that I finally took his suggestions and started up a dreams journal and a goals journal. We had a lot of fun going through those together and interpreting my dreams and figuring out how I can better achieve my goals. 🙂 Talking with him always makes me feel like I can do anything I set my mind to! We even set up a fitness regime for me to follow so that I can start losing all the weight I gained from my medications.

This week is going to be incredibly painful (I just broke out in a cold sweat — ugh!), but I’m looking forward to not having to be on so many drugs. And I’m excited about all the things I have planned.

Anyway, if you guys could sent prayers/good vibes my way to ease my transition, it’d really be appreciated. <3

Thank you!

Until next time,
PS: The cat in the picture above is Ringo — AKA “the orange one.” I felt too cruddy to post a selfie this time around, so I thought you might enjoy a pic of one of my cats. 🙂

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  1. Ah, sorry you’re having to go through all that, but it does sound like you’ve got the right attitude. Keep focused on your plans! Lots of positive vibes for you

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