On Gaining a Website and Losing my Uterus

Hey, Everyone!

Sorry I haven’t updated in over a month. I’ve been very busy.

First of all, I have a new website called Lauren Vapes over at laurenvapes.com where I talk about my thoughts on vaping and write up reviews of vape products. That’s pretty darn cool. Check out my awesome banner, drawn by my roommate (Ramiro AKA Skincube):

Super rad, right?

Go check that out when you get a chance. Show me some love! 🙂

In other news… I’ve been having a lot of health issues the past few months which have only gotten (much) worse.

As it turns out, I’m severely anemic. It’s left me feeling tired ALL the time, even when I get plenty of sleep. It’s no fun. Fortunately, I’m on some heavy-duty iron pills now, so hopefully that will get taken care of soon.

My other issue? Uterine fibroids. A TON of them.

In fact, I have so many uterine fibroids, and they’re causing SO many health problems, that I am almost certainly going to have to get my uterus removed. Like…there’s a 90% chance that is going to happen, as soon as my insurance works things out and I get assigned a surgeon (probably within the next couple months).

It’s incredibly weird to be only 32 years old and told that I’ll never have children. That was rough. BUT… I’m looking forward to feeling better.

If you’re the praying kind, I’d like to request that you pray for me in the coming weeks. My uterus is slowly trying to kill me, and it’s been extremely hard to deal with. I’m also very scared about having surgery, even though it’s needed. And, of course, the waiting around for the insurance and the doctors to get everything sorted out is also going to be very trying.

I have to get back to work now (yep, I still write and edit, even during all these struggles!), but I wanted to give y’all a quick update. Thanks for sticking with me!


My Yearly Trip

Hey, Everyone!

I’m writing to you from lovely San Diego, California. I go here every April to visit my BFF, Kara, for her birthday.

This is my first weekend off from my new job. So this is pretty darn nice. I get time off AND I get to see my good buddy.

It’s been all about maxin’ and relaxin’ this weekend. We’re doing as much nothing as possible.

I arrived by train at around 2am today (4/22/17) and I’m staying until around 4pm tomorrow (4/23/17).

We’ve been watching Disney movies and some reality TV show about tattoo artists.

The only time we left the house was to go to the local vape shop. I picked up the Smok Osub Mini with the Helmet Nano tank. It’s pretty rad. Very sleek.

Other than that, we haven’t left the couch. haha. We didn’t even bother to cook dinner, opting for delivery pizza instead.

I also had a sip of whisky for the first time in my life. It’s not for me. I took one good-sized swig and immediately felt nauseous. I liked the flavor though. Apparently it’s called a “fireball” whisky, and it tasted like liquidated cinnamon candy.

Tomorrow, we’re going to get Kara some new pants, and eat steaks. Mmm.

Anyway, that’s what’s up with me. How are you?


Senior Editor

Hey, Everyone!

I got a promotion! I’m now the Senior/Head Editor of the political news publication I work for.

Senior Editors basically do everything a Managing Editor does…and then some. It’s been keeping me extremely busy.

I get up and start work well before the sun rises (that’s why all my selfies these days are taken in the dark lol). And I work until around 6pm. I typically work 12-hour days. Sometimes 14 hours.

I have one day off per month at the moment. My last day off was on March 17th, and my next day off isn’t until April 14th. Though, I’m told, I’ll have weekends off, starting in mid-May. I’m looking forward to that.

I freakin’ LOVE my job, you guys!

My only complaint is that I’ve been getting killer headaches from editing for 12+ hours a day, every day.

Some of my other editor buddies suggested that I try wearing sunglasses while I work, to dim my brightly-lit computer screen. I’m gonna give it a shot. I went to GlassesShop.com and got myself some prescription sunglasses. They should be here in about a week or so. Hope they help!

Anyway, that’s all for now. Thanks for stopping by!


School for Ghosts is BACK ON!!

Hey, Everyone!

Way back in 2014, before I went temporarily crazy and tried to kill myself, I announced a new freebie book for my business, LittleZotz Writing. It was called LittleZotz Writing: School for Ghosts and was going to be all about how to get started as a freelance ghostblogger.

Well, now that I’m sane again, that book is BACK ON!

Only I had a major epiphany: It’s a SCHOOL — why the heck am I trying to teach all the classes myself?!

So, now, I’ve hired several VERY talented writers to teach each of the classes/write the chapters. I’ll be covering Homeroom, History, and anything else that doesn’t get nabbed by someone else, but the other chapters are going to be covered by: (more…)

R.I.P. Lawrence Montaigne

My heart is aching right now. Losing a loved one is never easy. Please bear with me, as this post isn’t going to be as “structured” as my usual entries. I’m just going to ramble for a bit until I’ve said all I need to say…

Back in 1998, my friend Nicole and I were dropped off at school early one morning. Not particularly eager to get on with our 8th grade classes, we decided to head over to the local doughnut shop and blow our lunch money on treats rather than head up to the school like we were supposed to.

We, being fickle teens, couldn’t decide what to buy. Growing frustrated with our indecisiveness, the clerk suggested, “How about a bag of doughnut holes?” To which I replied, “What? Like a bag of nothing??”

Nicole and I were startled when a man sitting in the corner burst out laughing. We turned to look at him and he said, blue eyes twinkling, “Doughnut holes are real. Give ’em a try.”

Bag of doughnut holes in hand, Nicole and I marched over to the man’s table, and asked if we could join him. He obliged us and, together, we sat munching on sugar, chit-chatting about this and that. It was a good time filled with good conversation between strangers. But, as the clock neared 8am, Nicole and I finally decided it was time to head up the hill and get to our first period class.

When the very same man we’d been chatting with walked through the door after us and announced he was our substitute teacher, you could have knocked us over with a feather. And thus began my lifelong friendship with Lawrence Montaigne. (more…)

Quick Update (March 2017)

Hey, Everyone!

Man, time really does fly. I didn’t realize until I logged on that I hadn’t made any updates on here since January. Sorry about that.

Short answer: I’ve been busy.

That’s the problem with keeping a personal diary. Whenever you have anything good to write about, you’re too busy to actually write it down! haha.

Anyway, since I’m so super busy, I’m going to keep this update kinda short. But here are some of the highlights… (more…)

Clear Days Ahead

Hey, Everyone!

I’ve mentioned on a few of my social media accounts that I’ve been having some skin troubles recently. You see, I have rosacea with cystic acne, and it flares up really badly in the winter time. And this winter has been especially bad for my face.

I developed a large cyst on my jawline about four months ago, which grew humongous to the point it was pressing on a nerve from the inside (causing me pain down to my chin and up to my ear!). I went to a doctor for it today.

I’m happy to report that the doctor was wonderful and did a fantastic job. My cyst was drained (gross) and I was given a long run of antibiotics. I was also given Metrogel for my rosacea.

I’d had Metrogel in the past and it worked wonders on my skin; however, my insurance stopped covering it because they deemed it a “vanity” product — and I couldn’t afford to buy it without the insurance’s help, so I had to go without.

When I told the doctor about this, she was livid. She called up the insurance company herself and advocated for them to cover it for me, stating that my rosacea is REALLY bad and that the medication wasn’t just for “beauty” purposes, that it’s a necessity. And they relented! I was so happy. And I can’t thank that doctor enough for going above and beyond on my behalf.

So how bad is my skin, exactly? (more…)

I’m, Like, 32!

Hey, Everyone!

Yesterday was my 32nd birthday!!

First of all, let me just say that I’m SO happy my suicide attempt when I was 29 was unsuccessful and that I got the help I needed to get my head on straight. Because my thirties have, thus far, been the best years of my life. <3 I feel very blessed.

I woke up at 6am yesterday because I was too excited to sleep.

I indulged myself with a super long, hot, shower. And then I cuddled up with Robert the Cat and watched cartoons on Hulu — mostly The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. I had been told that I would enjoy that show by a friend, and they were right. It’s really cute! And Robert seemed to enjoy it too (I think he liked the vibrant colors).

Then I played a bit of The Sims 3, one of my favorite games, for a couple hours. You know… Just chillin’.

Then Ramiro (my roommate) woke up and our mutual friend, Ray, came over to hang out. And that’s when the real fun began! (more…)

Closing 2016

Hey, Everyone!

I know that there are still technically a few days left of 2016, but, for me, I think it’s pretty much over. Like many of my readers, I am “so done” with this year. haha. It had a LOT of wonderful things, but it also had a lot of loss and suffering. It was a very BUSY year, filled with things both great and terrible.

In my case, I’d say that the good far outweighed the bad. However, just the fact that it was such a hectic year cram-packed full of EVERY emotion imaginable has made me…tired? Like, I feel blessed that my year was better than a lot of people’s; however, at the same time, I’m just like “Whew!! Can we be done now? I’d like a break.” (Hopefully that makes sense).

December, in particular, was filled with a range of emotions for me. I had phenomenal successes that I’m very proud of, but I also had my fair share of struggles and devastating loss. (more…)

The Positive Bloggers

faces_moniqueHey, Everyone!

Today’s an exciting day for me! I just launched a new brand/business with my friend Monique called The Positive Bloggers. 😀

Monique and I realized that there were plenty of places online to get “how to” advice when it came to the business side of blogging. But that there were almost no resources to support freelance bloggers emotionally — to help them stay happy and healthy while building their careers. We decided it was time to fill that gap.

Both of us are successful freelance bloggers with over fifteen years of experience under our belts. And we both suffer from severe anxiety issues. We know first-hand the difference positivity can make for both your life and career.

We’re avid dreamers, but we’re also big-time doers. We strive for happiness in all aspects of our lives, but we also know how to organize our time in a way that we consistently meet deadlines and get stuff done. We hope to help you do the same!

Head over to The Positive Bloggers or follow us on Twitter @PositiveBloggy for positive-minded freelance blogging advice!