Glasses Review Glasses

Hey, Everyone!

A few weeks ago, I was approached by and asked if I would do a review of their prescription glasses in exchange for a free pair of eyewear. They’re a shop that sells glasses online and wanted to reach a larger audience — and so they thought of me: since I’m a writer who wears glasses!

I told them that I would accept only if I was allowed to give an HONEST review of the product. They agreed. Their only condition was that I bold their name, and link to their site when I used the terms “glasses” and “glasses online” (which I did in the first paragraph).

I’ve never done a review like this before, so bear with me. I want to be as thorough as possible. And, although I did receive a free pair of prescription eyeglasses, that was the only thing I got from the company in question — no other payments exchanged hands, and this blog post contains no affiliate links. (more…)

Last Night as Dungeon Master

DungeonMasterHey, Everyone!

After two years of playing Dungeons and Dragons through Godwin’s Games, I played my “final” game last night.

Six months ago, I was made the DM (Dungeon Master) and I ran a really wild campaign filled with mysteries and sci-fi elements. It was incredibly fun and really stretched my imagination as a writer.

However, due to the group’s work and school schedules, finding time to play games became nearly impossible — so I decided that it was time to set the boys free. At least for now. (I ended the game on a cliffhanger in case we ever have time/want to start up the game again). (more…)

6 Years of LittleZotz Writing

Hey, Everyone!

Today’s a big day on my business blog, LittleZotz Writing — I’m celebrating my six year anniversary of being in business!


Six years ago, I was out of work and out of money. But, on August 17th of 2010, I decided I would finally stop writing as a side job/hobby and give freelance writing a real go of it. This was the day I opened LittleZotz Writing.

Since then, I’ve written for several small businesses blogs. I was able to make freelance writing and editing my sole source of income.

I’ve written hundreds of blog posts on my site, written several e-books, and won multiple awards. (more…)

July 2016 Wrap-Up

PuppysittingHey, Everyone!

Sorry I haven’t been posting as much lately. I’ve been very busy (mainly with a big ghostwriting project that I can’t talk about), but I do still care about you <3

July 2016 went really well for me. As I wrote last time, I’m no longer struggling with my menstrual cycle affecting my depression — so that’s good news!

Here are some of the other things I was up to this month: (more…)

Aunt Flo Bothering Me No Mo’

VapingLaurenShirtHey, Everyone!

Once again, I’d like to thank everyone who wrote to me when I was feeling extra depressed a while back. I really appreciate y’all caring about me. <3

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve recently started vaping 3mg of nicotine while menstruating and it has made ALL the difference for me!

I’m currently on the heaviest day of my period — a day that I would usually spend the bulk of sobbing for no reason — and I’m feeling happy, healthy, and productive. 🙂 Yeah, I’ve got a little acne around my chin area (as seen in the no makeup, no filter pic above!), but if that’s all that’s “wrong” with me during what’s normally HELL for me, I think I’m doing just fine. lol. Besides — acne makes me look younger, am I right? Come on. Tell me I look like a teenager. It’ll boost my ego. 😉 (more…)

Caught the Vapors: A Review

CTV-LogoHey, Everyone!

A while back I did a quick “first impression” mini-review of three vape shops in the Burbank, California area. Well, there was one store that stood head and shoulders above the rest: Caught the Vapors.

Even if you’re not living in Southern California, I’d encourage you to read on as CTV is not only an amazing local vape store — it’s a perfect example of how a business in general should be run. Whether you’re interested in vaping or not, everyone can learn a thing or two from these guys about exemplary customer service.

This post was not prompted by CTV in any way and, I think, they’ll be surprised (and hopefully delighted!) to see that I’ve done this. But I had to go out of my way to say “thank you” to what has quickly become my favorite store to visit. Here’s why: (more…)

Taking a Week “Off”

SelfHarmDollHey, Everyone!

Sorry I haven’t posted lately. I’ve been keeping to myself because don’t want to bum anyone out.

My depression has been really bad lately…

I’m taking this week “off” (only paying attention to paying clients) to get a grip on my mental health. And I’m going to be going to see my doctor at the start of next week.

You don’t need to worry. I haven’t been harming myself in any way. In fact, I made a doll of myself (seen above) to squeeze whenever I feel like self-harming. And it’s worked out pretty well for me. So that’s good. (more…)

My Patreon is Now for Teen Writers!

patreonHey, Everyone!

I started my career as a freelance writer when I was a teenager and I’d like to help other teens do the same!

I would like to pay teens to write articles — giving them their first paying gig (and, therefore, launching their freelance writing careers!).

However, I cannot afford to, at this time, pay them out of my own pocket. That’s where YOU come in.

As a patreon, your money will be put aside and dedicated to giving teens their first paid writing gigs. 

I’ve already started up a website — LittleZotz TEENS — to help teach young writers how to get started as freelancers: from proper formatting to how to conduct interviews to basic writing ethics! (more…)

I’m Fine

IMG_20160517_233942Hey, Everyone!

I just wanted to check in and let you all know that I’m fine.

My mentoring sale went really well and has been keeping me insanely busy. Nearly every day for this month and next has been booked! :O

Not to mention I’m still creating weekly content over on LittleZotz Writing!


In other news: I got a new vape pen (pictured).

That’s kinda it, actually… Other than DnD every other Thursday, I’ve been an “all work and no play” kinda gal for the past few weeks. :\ (more…)