I’m Working for Minimum Wage!

SunshineSaleHey, Everyone!

That’s right. TEMPORARILY, I’m working for the Los Angeles minimum wage ($15/hour).

From now until May 15th, you can hire me to mentor you for $20 less than I usually charge per hour.

You can find out more about this outrageous sale HERE.

Until next time,


Vape Stores in Burbank

VapingSelfPortraitHey, Everyone!

In my last post, I mentioned that I’ve joined the Vape Nation. Meaning, I now have a vape and smoke regularly.

Though, before you get concerned, let me make one thing clear: I only smoke 0mg nicotine juices. So, basically, I’m just smoking flavoring, rather than really smoking.

I love it.

Ever since I started vaping, two things have happened:

  1. I stopped eating candy. Since the vape juices come in sweet flavors, I no longer crave real sugar. And I’ve been losing weight because of it!
  2. I haven’t needed my panic meds. I still take my daily medications, of course; however, I haven’t had to take my additional panic medications since I started vaping. That’s because, when I go into “panic mode” these days, I suck on my vape instead of taking a pill. And it works! It forces me to focus on my breathing (what every doctor recommends anyway) instead of what’s bothering me. It’s incredibly calming.

But, of course, to maintain my vaping lifestyle, I need to go to vape stores. Things like new vape flavors/juices are needed, and coils need to be replaced, and so on. And while I don’t live in Burbank, CA (sorry, stalkers — I’m still not giving out my exact location other than “Los Angeles”), I do love to shop in Burbank, CA. (more…)

San Diego: From A to Zoo

Train TracksHey, Everyone!

Those of you who stalk my calendar and/or my Instagram know that I’ve been on vacation this past week in San Diego, California. About 180 miles away from where I normally reside.

I try to make this trip each year in April for Kara’s birthday.

Kara and I have been BFFs for the past 18 years, so getting together is always a blast — even when we do nothing. Which is actually what I was expecting to do (seeing as she had worked ten days in a row in order to get the time off, I figured she’d be wanting to get her hardcore loaf on while I was there!), but I was wrong. We ended up doing quite a lot. But I’ll get to that later.

Here’s what went down on my vacation: (more…)

3 Great Things About March 2016

IMG_20160324_160933Hey, Everyone!

I know there are still four days left of March, but I figured it was close enough to the end to do my monthly wrap-up…

March 2016 didn’t seem like that big of a month at first, but, toward the end, it became a pretty big deal. Here are three great things that happened this month:

1. I came to terms with being raped.

In 2008, I was raped.

Whew. Feels weird to say it. I’ve been holding that in for a long time.

It took me years to tell my closest friends — and even then I could only elude to what happened, not wanting to say the actual words. And I only just told my parents this month — which was a HUGE part of my healing process. They, like my friends, were very supportive. (more…)

“Get a Real Job” and Other Patreon Issues

MeAloneHey, Everyone!

Since I announced that I now have a Patreon account, I’ve gotten a wide variety of reactions from my readers. My favorite is this one: “Get a real job.”

First: Excuse you. Rude.

Second: This is the equivalent of going into a coffee shop, ordering your drink, seeing the tip jar on the counter, and then telling the barista to “get a real job” as she’s serving you your drink. It’s like… what?! Ridiculous.

I have a real job. I’m a writer. I provide weekly content for you — and that’s on top of what I do for clients.

I’m the owner of LittleZotz Writing and LittleZotz Teens. I’m the Associate Editor of Be a Freelance Blogger. I’m the Editorial Assistant at Copyblogger. (more…)

Please Donate to Help Ramiro Buy a New Computer

HelpRamiroHey, Everyone!

For once, this update isn’t about me. It’s about my favorite person/roommate/illustrator: Ramiro Roman.

Ramiro’s computer broke today.

This means that he can no longer work. Namely: He can no longer do all the wonderful illustrations he does for me over at LittleZotz Writing.

If you’ve ever read a blog post of mine, or read one of my free e-books, then you’re already very familiar with Ramiro’s work and how amazing it is.

What you might not know is that I support Ramiro and our two cats. And I cannot afford to replace his computer at the moment… (more…)

Why I Joined Patreon

patreonHey, Everyone!

I’ve joined Patreon!

For those of you who don’t know, Patreon is pretty much the Internet equivalent of a tip jar. “Patrons” donate a small sum of money each month to a creator they like in order for that creator to keep doing what they do best. It’s a little “extra” money in addition to the creator’s normal income.

So why did I join? (more…)

Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, and OCD

tarot cardsHey, Everyone!

Since I posted my last update, which included a tarot reading I did on myself, I’ve been getting an astonishing amount of e-mails asking me about my experiences with tarot — and I’ve even been asked by a few people to do readings on them! (Note: If you’re still waiting for your reading, I will get to you! I just need to find a quiet moment to do so).

Tarot has been a wonderful part of my therapy. I don’t necessarily believe that the cards can predict the future; however, I do think they force you to take a fresh look at the present. It’s hard not to consider your financial well-being when pentacles (coins) cards keep coming up in a spread. Or to consider how you’re faring emotionally when faced with a spread filled with cups.

Pondering my tarot cards makes me think about what’s really bothering me (especially on those days when anxiety has a hold on me for “no good reason”), and to appreciate all that I already have. So many of the cards are about looking at the abundance in your life and reflecting on how great it is to be you. I like that. (more…)

2016 Thus Far

PencilArtHey, Everyone!

Wow. Has it really been an entire month since I last updated here? Shameful! :O

I’ve been so busy, I’m not really sure where to start — or what you might be interested in — but I’ll do my best to cover the “big” things that have been going on this year, starting with…

My Writing Career

I’m still writing! In fact, my business website, LittleZotz Writing, got the following awards so far this year:

And I was interviewed about my writing career by Anthony Dejolde on The Write Freelance. (more…)

Alive and Well in 2016

Hey, Everyone!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! How’s 2016 treating you thus far?

For me, two things happened right at the start of the new year:

  1. I turned 31 (yay!)
  2. I caught pneumonia (boo!)

It’s hard to say how being 31 is as the whole pneumonia thing has really cramped my style. I’m on the mend now, thankfully, but I spent the first few weeks of 2016 in bed. And I still have a residual cough! Yuck.

Despite that setback, I managed to get out the ol’ lapdesk and continue the reconstruction of LittleZotz Writing from bed. 🙂 Things are coming along nicely!

And here are a few new things you may have missed: (more…)