I’m All Right!


Hey, Everyone!

Those of you who follow me on social media already know more-or-less what I’m about to say…

Last week, I found out that the hosting service I had been using was going out of business. This required me to switch my sites — LittleZotz.com and LaurenTharp.net — over to a new host.

That shouldn’t have been a problem. But it was.

Both of my sites were down for several days. And then, when they came back, they were a mess.

LaurenTharp.net, my personal site, was completely wrecked. Tabula rasa. I had to start over. I’m deeply saddened because I had recorded a lot of important life events on this site — from coming clean about my mental health issues, to sharing how I stopped self-mutilating, to sharing the pure joy of spending time with friends, family, and classrooms full of young writers-to-be. But I’m trying to remain optimistic that the new LaurenTharp.net will be better than ever. (And at least I got my neato theme back!) (more…)