Hey, Everyone!

Way back in 2014, before I went temporarily crazy and tried to kill myself, I announced a new freebie book for my business, LittleZotz Writing. It was called LittleZotz Writing: School for Ghosts and was going to be all about how to get started as a freelance ghostblogger.

Well, now that I’m sane again, that book is BACK ON!

Only I had a major epiphany: It’s a SCHOOL — why the heck am I trying to teach all the classes myself?!

So, now, I’ve hired several VERY talented writers to teach each of the classes/write the chapters. I’ll be covering Homeroom, History, and anything else that doesn’t get nabbed by someone else, but the other chapters are going to be covered by:

Those gals are CONFIRMED, but I may have writers/teachers on the hook for Math and Gym as well! đŸ˜€ VERY exciting!!

I also hired VERY talented artists to illustrate each of the chapters. Here’s a sneak preview of some of the stuff you’ll be seeing:




Aren’t those just amazing??

LittleZotz Writing: School for Ghosts will be available on August 17, 2017 for my business’ seventh anniversary!

Stay tuned!


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