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In a recent post called “The Politics of Dolls,” I talked about some of my political/life views, and how I’m a “Slightly Right” conservative.

Since making that post, I’ve had a LOT of interesting conversations with people — many of whom are much older and wiser than I am (like my dad), and I’m now questioning whether I’m truly a “conservative” after all.

I know I don’t fit in with the modern Left. Their focus on cultural Marxism and identity and racial politics drives me right up the wall. I also don’t like all the thought and word policing that comes out of that side these days. The old school Left isn’t so bad, but the Lefties who are my age seem more focused on virtue signalling and calling everyone names than actually getting anything done — and I don’t dig that.

But I also don’t fit in with the Right as much as I initially thought.

The political compass test puts me slightly on the Right, but, after a recent incident in which I lost my job with a VERY right-wing publication because of my views on certain subjects, I’m not so sure anymore. I didn’t like the intolerance of the Left, but, as it turns out, the Right is just as bad sometimes!

I thought that the Right suited me better because I’m patriotic, I respect men and women in uniform, and so on. Those are all “Right” views these days. But, even with that line of thinking, I’m not “Right”¬†enough for the Full Right.

On the Military and Police…

I respect men and women in uniform. But that doesn’t mean I necessarily approve of EVERYTHING their institutions as a whole do. I’m not big on waterboarding in the military, for example.

I criticize the institutions from time to time, but not necessarily the people. I don’t approve of torture, but most soldiers you meet on the street didn’t engage in that and are just patriotic Americans who fought for our freedoms and safety. I’m not gonna toss an egg at a man or woman in uniform because they MIGHT have been forced to do something I disapprove of — I’m going to give them a respectful nod. Maybe even pay for their meal at McDonald’s if I’m flush at the time.

Same with the cops. I know that there are corrupt cops out there, and they’re certainly some of the worst drivers around, but the bulk of them are just trying to do good. And the cops who hauled me off to the mental hospital in 2014 were some of the nicest guys around. Even as I was sitting with cuffs on in the back of their car, or waiting in the jail cell to be transferred to the hospital, I was keeping an eye on them and the way they acted. When I was in jail, they would check on me AND the other occupants equally, and treated everyone very fairly. They told one guy to “simmer down!” but no beatings were dished out or anything like that. I know not every police station runs as tight a ship, but my local station certainly seemed to have their act together.

On Loving America…

I have a similar stance when it comes to my patriotism toward the great country I live in. I friggin’ LOVE America, but that doesn’t mean “she” is always right.

As an American citizen, one of my freedoms is that I absolutely CAN criticize the things I don’t like. I love my country and I’m grateful I live here rather than somewhere much worse, but that doesn’t mean I like EVERYTHING. If we just sit back and don’t question things when they come up, then we’re going to head down a bad path we can’t escape from.

We NEED to question things when they go awry (and they sometimes do!), but we also need to appreciate all the wonderful things we HAVE — like the ability to ask those questions! If we were living in a dictatorship, we wouldn’t have that freedom to question — that’s something pretty much purely American — and that should be celebrated.

Unless something goes REALLY wrong, I think that America still deserves to be celebrated. We’re not PERFECT, but we’re WAY BETTER than just about anywhere else. I don’t think H.Y.D.R.A. has taken over S.H.I.E.L.D. just yet… But, if it does, I’ll be one of the first people to take to my keyboard and say “HEY! This is nuts, yo!”

My Views Overall…

I’m a “live and let live” kinda gal. Jesus said to “love everyone,” He didn’t say “love everyone except x and y.” It’s pretty simple, really.

Politically, I’m not sure where I stand anymore, but I do know for SURE that I’m a Christian, and that I try my best to be a good person. I don’t always succeed, as I am a human being and not without faults, but I will always TRY.

I’ve always believed that there’s only ONE race: the human race. There are plenty of reasons for humans to get into disagreements, but skin color should NEVER be one of those reasons.

I also don’t think that “the gays are ruining America.” What people do in their bedrooms is none of my business. The gays are a-okay by me. They have a parade every summer, but otherwise keep to themselves and stay out of trouble. They’re good people. They’re fine by me.

Those two views alone will keep me from ever working at a conservative publication again. Shame. But I’m fine with that.

Even though the political compass says I’m “Slightly Right,” I think I may have been¬†wrong to label myself a “conservative.”

But maybe I don’t NEED a label. Maybe just being me and living my life to the best of my ability is enough.

We’ll see.

Until next time,

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  1. Well said. I had to abandon labels, political parties, and the like years back for some of these same reasons… Unfortunately, with a label you inadvertantly get all of the baggage and associations of the most notorious people who share that label. It’s It also becomes another way to divide people, and to buy into the “us vs. them” mentality when instead we should be working under the premise that we are all sisters and brothers, united in one human family.

    I’ve always thought of you as Just Lauren, with all the wonderful unique things that entails, and not tried to label you to myself. If you choose to eschew labels publicly, I frankly think it’s a great idea.

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