Hey, Everyone!

I have been a huge “loser” the past couple months… And I couldn’t be happier!

I’ve lost a little over 70lbs since September!

I went from weighing 320lbs down to 255lbs. It feels AMAZING! Hitting 299 was one of the happiest days of my year. I’d been in the 300s for so long that seeing the scale show me in the 200s (even if it was high) was utterly fantastic.

I got myself a couple of new outfits (like the vegetable-print dress in the pic above) because my old clothes were getting really sloppy and loose on me. Not that I’m complaining! haha.

I also LOVE that I can wear high heels again. I had gotten so obese that, at one point, I put on a pair of heels and they snapped under my weight — sending me flying. Now, I have some nice super high wedges that I can strut around in with no problems.

Check out the difference to my waistline:

Those grey pants were tight on me a couple months ago! Can you believe it?

I’m also extremely pleased that my boobs are now bigger than my belly. For the past couple years, my gut stuck out well past my chest and that always really bothered me.

And I just plain FEEL better. 

So many of my health problems are related to me being overweight. The more I lose, the better I feel overall.

But losing weight isn’t all I’ve been up to since I last wrote…

Winning at Work

I’ve been super busy with work lately.

I’m still the Managing Editor over at Be a Freelance Blogger. This is my fourth year of doing that job, and I still love it.

Our servers at BAFB were down last week, but they’re back up now. Feel free to head over to the blog and check out the posts you missed while we were offline. 🙂

133TI’m also the Head Writer AND Head Editor over at 133T.

133T is absolutely amazing. I can’t speak highly enough about it. It’s a brand new software that helps job applicants and recruiters connect with no muss or fuss. It takes the headaches out of job hunting.

I’m in charge of the blog. I write one post per week and handle all the guest posts that get submitted from professional writers all over the world.

The blog focuses on job hunters — how to dress for an interview, how to write a perfect resume, how to choose the right career path — as well as business owners — how to be a better leader, how to create a great company culture, how to create a successful job ad, etc.

One of my favorite posts that I’ve written thus far is this one: “Video Games and Leadership: A Match Made in Heaven?” It’s about how playing video games can actually boost your leadership skills. 😀

In addition to my two Head Editor jobs, I’m now a certified SEO writer at The HOTH.

I’ve been doing a LOT of editing over the past few years, but I’ll always love writing. I wanted a nice side job that was JUST writing, and had plenty of variety. That’s why I joined the team at The HOTH.

The assignments are pretty random, so I’ve written about Facebook marketing tips one day and fancy handbags the next. It’s good fun!

Being an SEO (search engine optimization) writer has been great for keeping me on my toes and making sure my skills are still up to snuff. The skills that I use for pumping out articles for The HOTH are also applicable to my other two jobs — and for any other side clients I take on. EVERY blog needs good SEO  in order to be found on Google.

And when I’m not working at my three jobs…?

I’ve been replaying Pokemon Sun on my Nintendo 3DS and playing Fallout 4 on my boyfriend’s PS4.

Here’s the character I made for myself in Fallout 4:

I wanted him to look like a 1940’s movie star, but really rugged. I’m pretty pleased with how he turned out. I armored up the faded trenchcoat, so that’s his main outfit in the game. I use nothing but melee weapons — specifically the Disciples’ blade. I love how fast it is!

So, basically, I’ve been losing weight via healthy means, working at least three jobs, and playing video games. It’s a good work/life balance, I think. 🙂

That’s all I’ve got for now. Thanks for sticking around!

Until next time,

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