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Be a Freelance Blogger

halloween-bloggersHow to Blog Like Every Day is Halloween

We don’t do a lot of holiday-based posts here on BAFB. However, even though this post is Halloween-themed, the advice in it is “evergreen.” Besides, like the title says, this is how to blog like every day is Halloween.

passive-income-cat4 Ways to Earn Passive Income for Freelance Bloggers

Freelance blogging is hard work. Much harder than some of us expected! What happened to living the dream? To getting our “money for nothing and our chicks for free?”


mental-illnessHow to Keep Freelance Blogging When You’re Mentally Ill.

Freelance blogging isn’t easy. Freelance blogging when you’re mentally ill really isn’t easy. But this post might help.

shrinking-jobReverse Scope Creep: How to Break Up With Your Ever-Shrinking Freelance Gig. Your contract promised you a ton of work, but now you’re barely doing anything. Here’s how to handle a freelance gig that keeps getting smaller.


rejectedWhy Your Guest Posts Keep Getting Rejected. Ever wonder why your guest post pitch got rejected by an editor? It’s likely one of these nine reasons.



get-startedFrom Zero to Freelance Blogger: Start Your Engines. The journey to become a freelance blogger can be an overwhelming one. You know you want to, you just don’t know where the heck to start!


freelance-writing-and-impostor-syndromeThe Simple Secret to Beating Impostor Syndrome. When a client accepts your freelance writing rates for a project, do you think “I can’t believe they fell for it”? Yep. Looks like you have Impostor Syndrome.

Fab Fit Travel

Note: I wrote these as a ghostwriter under the company name; however, they were indeed all written by ME (and the owner of the company is willing to vouch for me if you have any questions).

cubicleexercises8 Exercises You Can Do Daily (No Matter Where You Are)

A lot of us either can’t afford to go to the gym, or don’t have time to. We’re busy at work or at home, and just can’t seem to get there. But that’s okay: you don’t have to. Whether you’re at the office or at home, here are eight exercises you can do daily to improve your overall fitness and health.

brainexercises10 Mental Exercises That Make You Smarter

We talk about fitness a lot here at Fab Fit Travel. But it’s just as important to exercise your brain as it is to exercise your body. Today we’re going to tackle some easy ways to boost your mental fitness!

sweatbenefits5 Benefits of Sweating (And How You Can Sweat Daily)

If you think sweating is “yucky,” then it’s time to change your attitude because sweating is secretly awesome. Yeah, B.O. is a pain – but that’s what deodorant is for! You honestly have no excuse not to sweat every day. Especially when it’s so darn good for you.

workoutattire9 Places to Shop for Women’s Workout Attire

Looking for less inexpensive options for fitness clothes? Here are nine places that sell great products that won’t break the bank.

cheatmeal3 Reasons to Add a Cheat Day to Your Week

While it’s not cool to cheat when you’re in a relationship, it is cool to cheat when you’re on a diet.


goodfatsGood Fats VS. Bad Fats

We’ve mentioned in a few of our nutrition posts that not all fats are bad for you. In fact, some fats have great benefits for your health. However, we realized that we’ve never gotten into the specifics over what makes a fat “good” and what classifies a fat as “bad.” Let’s rectify that now. Get ready to learn all about fats!

nightowlearlybirdNight Owls VS. Early Birds: Who Has It Better?

The Early Bird has been praised for centuries. After all, they “get the worm” and are “healthy, wealthy, and wise.” But do they really have it better? After all, “the second mouse gets the cheese.” And who wouldn’t favor a late night cheese over an early morning helping of worm?

healthydinners8 Healthy Dinner Ideas

Make these eight substitutions to turn your dinners into something delicious AND nutritious!


loveyourself26 Easy Ways to Love Yourself

Have you loved yourself today…?


cheapflights6-Step Quick Guide to Cheap Flights

Planning your next adventure can be a total blast! Planning your flight to get there…? Not so much.

luxurybucketlist10 Items to Add to Your Luxury Bucket List

You’ve probably written a lot of things down on your bucket list… But have you remembered to pamper and spoil yourself? If not, then it’s time to add these ten items to your list!

healthylunches8 Healthy Lunch Ideas

Want to make your lunches more nutritious? Try these eight substitutions to your favorite lunchtime meals!

femaletravel10 MORE Things Every Female Traveler Should Know

One list of tips simply wasn’t enough! If you’re a woman travelling solo, then this is a “must read” before you get to your destination.

travelmore10 Great Reasons to Travel More Often

Did you know that travelling has health benefits? Here are 10 of our favorites!


traveldestination10 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Your Next Travel Destination

Choosing a travel destination can be difficult! The world is a vast place filled with exciting new adventures waiting to be had! To help you make a decision, we’ve compiled a list of ten things we always consider before choosing where we want to go next.

femalesolotravelA Quick Guide to Female Solo Travel

Are you a woman travelling alone? Then keep these 15 tips in mind!


everytimeyoutravel10 Things You Should Do EVERY Time You Travel

You’ve booked your transportation, you’ve arranged a place to stay, you’ve packed your stuff, and you’ve finally arrived at your destination. Now what…?

10gadgetswomen10 Gadgets Women Should Get in 2016

Are you a “gadget” girl? We are! Whenever a new gadget is announced in the news or in a tech blog, we take notice. We just can’t help ourselves – we love ourselves some nifty tech!

10traveldestinationsOur Top 10 Favorite Travel Destinations

Looking for somewhere to travel? Add these 10 destinations to your bucket list!


buildmuscletolosefatAfraid Muscle Mass Will Make You “Bulky?” Fear No More!

There’s been a rumor going around for a few years that women love to buy into: Cardio is what makes you sexy, and weightlifting makes you bulky. Wrong!!

plussizeexercises5 Great Exercises for Overweight Women

For those of us who are obese – or even just slightly “overweight” – starting an exercise program can seem like a near-impossible task! Typical fitness regimens just don’t jive with our body types… This post can help!

female-friendships4 Health Benefits of Female Friendships

Bonding with other women can be good for your health! Even if you’re a “guys’ girl,” you can benefit from having female friends — give it a try!


meditation-typesMeditation: Boring? It Doesn’t Have to Be!

There are numerous health benefits to meditation! From better emotional and mental well-being to an increase in your immune system. You’ll have lower blood pressure, remember things more easily, and lower your anxiety. Heck! Regular meditation can even fight off the symptoms of PMS!

hiking-with-osteoporosisSimple Steps to Prevent Osteoporosis in Your Future

It’s a fact of life that we all get older – but we don’t have to take its effects lying down. Wrinkles can be diminished with a little moisturizer, vitamins can keep hair and nails in tip-top shape, and a little daily exercise can stave off osteoporosis.

The Write Life

weekend_workCould Working on Retainer Help You Build a Reliable Freelance Business? Working on retainer sounds like a freelancer’s dream, but there are pros and cons to this type of freelance contract.



invoice-piggy-bankThe Best Invoicing Systems for Freelancers: A Writer Tries 10 Popular Options. From Freshbooks to the revamped Paymo, Lauren Tharp put these sites to the test.



The Penny Hoarder

LeelaPoolJumpWho Knew You Could Make $50 an Hour With a Hula Hoop? You might have heard of hooping or seen dancers with LED or flaming hoops. But did you know they could also turn their passion into a moneymaker? Here’s how one professional hula hooper built her business.


eggsEgg Farming: An Excuse to Raise Chickens in Your Backyard. Love animals — and fresh eggs? Keeping chickens could become your new backyard business. Two expert egg farmers shared their experience and advice to help you figure out whether this is the right side business for you. Could you make money raising chickens and selling eggs?


AaronLewisA Side Business for Halloween Lovers: Create and Sell Monster Masks. Calling all creatives looking for interesting jobs — especially if you love Halloween. Want to get paid to design and create latex monster masks? Here’s a rundown of the process and how much mask makers can earn.


artsuppliesArtists: How to Save Money on Art Supplies and Shows. Creating, showing and selling your art doesn’t have to destroy your budget. We spoke with artist Heather Landry, who shared her best strategies to save money on art supplies and connect with more buyers, so you can earn more money from your art.


pettoysWeird Business: Refurbish and Sell Used Pet Toys. Love animals and their many toys? One woman’s unique business helps owners find gently used, refurbished toys for their pets. Here’s her advice on starting a similar business.


characterblogHow Pretending to be Your Favorite Fictional Character Could Put Money in the Bank. Combine your love for the fictional worlds of your favorite stories with strong writing skills, and you have the perfect set-up for a character blog. Yes, you really can earn money for pretending to be your favorite character! Here’s how one woman makes almost $5,000 a year.


funeralhomeWeird Job: Funeral Home Assistant or Administrator. Not all funeral home jobs involve working with the dead, but all of them pay decent wages and involve helping people. Would you consider working at a funeral home?


JordanTaylor_RegierFamilyFarmsFrom Farmville to Farmers Market: 3 Ways to Earn Money at Farmers Markets. Have you ever wondered whether you could earn money selling your wares at a farmers market? We asked three vendors about their businesses and earnings. Here’s what they had to say.


voice-overHow a Musical Instrument Repairman Makes $13,000 a Year from His Voice. Can you do a solid impression of Donald Duck or Morgan Freeman? Voice acting is a growing business. Here’s how to turn your voice over skills into cold, hard cash.


Virtual-WorkerInsanely Organized? These 8 Websites Will Help You Find Flexible Work as a Virtual Assistant. Turn your to-do-listing and tweeting into a paycheck by working as a virtual assistant, helping busy professionals with research, administration, and other duties. Here’s where to find gigs.


This portfolio is a small sample of my blogging work. For samples of copywriting, web content pieces, or additional blogging work: contact me.